My weird sense of humor

The Darwin Awards. Interesting ways for the unfit to remove themselves from the gene pool.

The MIT Gallery of Hacks. "Beaver drop - During the Commencement ceremony on Friday, June 8, 2001, a large balloon floated over Killian Court and dropped parachuting beavers over the graduates."

People Eating Tasty Animals. "Charred mammal flesh--it's what's for dinner!"

The Gallery of Regretable Food -- The weird stuff people ate in the Fifties. Euuuuu! I think my mom had some of these cookbooks. Part of the Institute for Official Cheer, dedicated to 50's mass culture. Definitely also check out Art Frahm(then check your underwear elastic).

Odd Hobbies: Belt Sander Racing

Mothers Insisting on Licensed Tools aka M.I.L.T (after a notorious gun grabber on talk.politics.guns). (Frames). Robert Frenchu's gun control parody site. "Yes, friends, we are talking about Full Auto Assault Tools. Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of American homes have at least ONE of these devices in them already, with more being added all the time, thanks to efforts by the Tool Lobby to promote their ownership." Some people are oblivious to parody.

Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell from O'Reilley. The go on over toUser Friendly for your daily fix. Geek humor -- hilarious.


Life must be taken Day by Day. Another online funny.

More geek humor: O'Really, source of such titles as Windows NT User Obliteration, Practical Unix Terrorism and LART in a Nutshell. Gotta get me that one. (LART == Luser AttitudeReadjustment Tool -- ie, something "large, heavy and dangerous".)  

Allison's Pants Cam

The Ultimate Poseur's Sport Utility Page. He don't like 'em. See the new Kenworth SUVs. the Dominator

The Stairs My Destination, sf-nal humor. "He was one hundred and seventy days dying and not yet dead. He fought for survival with the passion of a beast in a trap. He was delirious and rotting, coming downstairs now, bump bump bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin." Yes, it's _Tigger! Tigger!_ by Alfred Bester and A.A. Milne. The US title is of course _The Stairs My Destination_.' (hint: It helps to have read the sf classic novel The Stars My Destination)

More sf-nal humor: Houseplants of Gor. A short parody of a mediocre Thud & Blunder (withheavy S&M theme -- slave girls, whips & chains, the works) SF book series popular in the 1970s and early '80s (now mercifully gone).

Adbusters "Culture Jammers Headquarters" Spoof ads and uncommercials

Canadian World Domination, eh?

My Side of the Swamp

Home Appliance Shooting Page "They shoot computers, don't they?" and TVs, and old Toyotas, and blenders, and. . . . I prefer computer parts myself.

Josephs Innocent Inanimate Objects page. Same thing, but with groceries. "Disgusting Red Christmas soda shot with .357 CorBon"YES!

They don't make them like they used to" -- an old Sun workstation, vs. a .45 and a shotgun. A new PeeCee is pretty much a one shot kill.

The Terminal Shoot -- what better fate for those nasty old Beehive things. Ka-Bloooie!

Kurt Saxon: All Muggers are Martians. Clarence goes off the deep end. (2001-jun-7 Kurt Saxon's page has moved to See here.)

Birdman Weapon Systems, home of the "homie Glock sights" (they mount on theside of the slide, so you can shoot sideways) and the $29.95 .50BMG.

The Scorched Earth Party "Why the fools must die" -- The Demopublicans are wussies!

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint letter generator. Handy.

You know you're a gun nut if. . . (see also

Parody Alert! Bambi Killers Page

Parody Alert! General Hiram Gooberman's Militia Page. Learn about the Amish-U.N. black chopper connection, Amish run internment camps, Mind Control Rays, etc. Recommended militia supplies are mostly "toilet paper, ammo and Jack Daniels", which makes perfect sense to me.

Advice for Evil Overlord wannabes.

The Evils of ah, um, masturbation. I don't yet know what to make of this page. It's straight-faced enough that there's a small chance he's serious. He shows the same wonderful facility with statistics that your average gun banner does.

Attack Cartoons. check every week or two for new stuff. The George Stuffinenvelops
(err, Stephopolis) talking head.

P. J.'s Comix Not sure what links page to put this on. Read, enjoy. Kind-a rude sometimes--not for the thin skinned, the humor impaired or the "age challenged".

Darth Vader for President 2000 "He inspires us. He makes us cry. He gives up hope. He instills a sense of great loyalty in those around him. He brings out the best in people. A hard worker, a dedicated and caring father, lord of the Sith and right hand to the Galactic Emperor, he is... Darth Vader"

More goofballs for president.

Yuppie Eradication Project an idea whose time has come

Dr. Vernes Northern White Trash Etiquette "Headquarters of the Northern White Trash Nation" Check out the White Trash Barbie.

The Capitol Steps "Ya say ya wanna teach evolu-shu-uun, we-ll, ya know. . ." They have downloadable samples.

Citizen Clinton and other Political Parodies, including Algore in "Rainforest Man".

Fun with the Flash plug-in: (look for "Janet Poppins" -- "OH, a spoonful of teargas makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down.")

Hacking the singing bass.

The Urban Legends Reference Page

Avengers Front Page " a page dedicated to the creative minds who once dwelled in alt.revenge."

BilbiobytesGeorge Hayduke's Getting Even, on line for free. I shouldnever have sold my copy., home of Quintessence of the Loon and Full Canvas Jacket, about some of those "special" people on the net. Watch out for the Russian Sputniks. . .

Jeff MacNelly Shoe and many fine political cartoons. Deceased June 2000.

Life after Y2K

Geek humor Mickysoft parody siteIt's an Evil Empire, so
it's got an Evil Emperor. another one

Overclocking a 486to 200MHz with the use of chilled alcoholic coolants

Clueless user stories

The BOFH--my hero. ("What's your userid?" <clickety-click>). Tech support with an attitude.

War stories:

This page cannot be f***ing displayed -- 404 with an attitude.

Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers. It's in Canadia, so fortunatly our NEA had nothing to do with this.

TheGNU Humor page

Cartoonists tributes to Charles Shultz