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A recreation of a 50's classic and is now for sale


   Only company built racecar to date by Prince Racecar Engineering

   Homologated by the SCCA for DSR

   Extremely well balanced automobile very easy to drive at speed no surprises.

   Goes from the track set-up to the street set-up in 15 minutes.

   The car was disassembled  winter 99-00 to check for stress cracks or failures of any kind ( none found) only three races since.  

   Has never been wrecked or even left the track surface

   Built with the best of everything, power coated frame, Vacuum bag foam core fiberglass, stressed alum skin, all aero quip hoses, fuel cell, built in fire system, oil cooler, remote filter, Auto meter gauges, Willians belts, Tilton brake system with bias control, Leda adjustable shocks, over size front disk brakes and rear disk brakes. Two sets of racing wheels one set of street wheels. Car weights 1250 Lbs. Approx 130 HP. Many spares

   Can run with SCCA, Council, and Vintage groups. Club Race, Vintage Race, Solo1or 2 or drive legally on the street

Turned Low 1:24's this past April, at Blackhawk farms in street trim on slicks.

    the site would not be complete with out some on track pics

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The following are some pic's of the prototype and #2. The above is #3 all three cars presently reside Sterling Illinois. Stay tuned I have a lot more pic's to add as soon as I find them. NEWS FLASH! The prototype has been sold it will be relocating to Florida. The racing season and spring is just around the corner #3 is looking for a new home and will be sold for half of the construction cost. Be one of the few to own an exceptional EASTLAKE 11.

PHONE: 815 626-8076

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