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We missed the "Dream Team."

That summer my wife and I were in South America
adopting five kids.

I t was the summer of the 1992 Olympics, and while the rest of the world probably remembers it for the summer Michael Jordan and the rest of the NBA superstars played in the Olympics, I will remember it as the summer we did about the craziest thing we could have possibly done.

If you would like to hear more about that, click here "Sure! Why Not?!"

If you find that in the least bit interesting, you might want to read further, a chapter or two from "Wonderful Things - or The Revelations of a Lazy Man," sort of a work in progress.

And being a sometime illustrator, owner, and sole proprietor of Aartwerks Inc. Ltd & Sons, I'd be pleased if you took a look at a fun little drawing or two. Tweak the Aardvark's nose.

(illustration... little sheep)

If you have kids yourself, you might be interested in these Bible stories and Psalms for Kids. I will try to add a new one every week or so... but I am not making any promises on that!

Like custom icons? Help yourself from my collection of homemade ones. Okay, it's a collection of one - give me time!

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