Here are some places I have visited
and found interesting for some reason or another...

...way back in the day when the interweb was young!

A Minnesota Connection

  • Star Tribune Online ....I grew up in the Twin Cities and like to keep in touch. Nicely designed on-line newspaper, I think anyway.
  • PHC ....If your a fan of "A Prairie Home Companion".
  • Hometime ....If your house is falling down like ours, and you don't have the money to do anything about it, at least you can do it vicariously! (This is the homepage of the PBS series.)

    For Mac users (like you don't know about these sites already...)

  • Macworld Online
  • MacUser
  • Macintosh shareware ....Okay, you've already been there a hundred times!

    Designing your own page?

  • Web Graphics by Laurie McCanna ....Some good Photoshop tips.

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