March 7, 2000

What's New?

A bunch of stuff!

....well, almost.

I have a million things in the works; stories and drawings collected in folders both electronic and 'real' (the 'real' one is more fun, it's got a picture of Daffy Duck on the cover). Now, if I just had the energy to get them finished.

At my daily allotment of 30 minutes of usable energy each morning, we ought to be worrying about the Y THREE K Bug before I get to them all.

But I am trying.

In the meantime, as I DO, ever so slowly, get things put together, and in my never ending quest to simplify this mess (which inevitably results in more complication), I proudly introduce...

click here!

You'll find a couple of new things there, honest!

The idea is, I'll keep adding to the list, and eventually, you will always find an easy link to the 10 latest additions to these pages.

Hope it helps!

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