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Thursday, August 13th

Uh oh...

Here I go again, making promises I won't keep!

Boy... I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything new when I can’t remember how to do it.

Well, that, or more signs of old age setting in.

(What??? Me??? OLD???)

Actually, I just celebrated my 55th birthday a couple of weeks ago (Dani celebrates her 54th today!) - an amazing thing, considering that ten years ago my doctors said I would be doing good if I was still around in five. But then, they were just guessing. It sounded like the kind of transplant I had was all sort of experimental at the time, and five years was the longest anyone had survived - because five years was all they had been doing this particular treatment.... and some guy somewhere was still kicking.

He may still be, for all I know!

But I do know that I am!

(Yes, I know - you’d never know if by the lack of activity on this website!!!)

Which gets me back to that promise I promise not to keep!

(If I promise not to keep a promise, knowing that I hardly ever manage to keep my promises, does that mean I will keep my promise? And if so, which promise will I keep? That promise, or the promise not to keep the promise? The mind boggles.)


There are still a zillion Bible stories to get to, and I really need to get to them!

So I am hoping to get back to regular postings.... once a week would be nice.

I promise!

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