Salvation 101

Chapter 1.

Is There A God?

(Illustration, masterpieces of art on a museum wall)

A Quiz (no one said there'd be a quiz!)


Suppose one day you get all crazy and go to an art museum. What is easier to believe...

1. That all those paintings came from an explosion at a paint factory?


2. That each one was planned and painted by a Master Artist?


Cairn Bears

Or suppose one day you are walking through the woods and you see this...

(photo: a rock cairn, a deliberate pile of rocks)

What would you think?

“Somebody made that!”

Why would you think that? Because rocks just don’t stack themselves up like that all by themselves.

So how did they get like that? Can you picture a couple of squirrels looking around for just the right rock, dragging each one over, and stacking them up like that? I don’t think so.

A deer couldn’t do it - no opposable thumbs.

Or maybe some bear came along and thought, “Hmm, I think I’ll make a stack of rocks today so other bears will know I have been here!”


No, it’s obvious that stack of rocks didn't just happen. Some intelligent being - someone like you - made it, and made it for a reason.

It's obvious because whenever you see anything put together in a special way, and for some reason (when you see something put together with order and purpose), you just know someone did it.

Well, like someone like you!

So if that’s true for just a stack of rocks, then what do you think when you see something like this...

(photo: a magnificent butterfly (if I do say so myself.... I took the photo!))

Don't you think the same thing?

That's way more complicated than a stack of rocks! Something that beautiful couldn't just happen by chance!



Some scientists say that the world began with an explosion billions of years ago (a really big explosion!). And that's all. God didn't plan it. It was all just a big accident.

I have never seen an explosion make anything but a big mess. But the world isn’t a mess. The world is an amazing place. It is just filled with awesome wonder and beauty - well, like someone thought it out, planned it, and made it on purpose (just like those paintings in an art gallery).

Maybe there was a big bang - it seems there was - but it wasn't an accident! God planned from the very beginning just exactly what was going to come from it - even YOU!!!

So what is easier to believe, that something as beautiful as a butterfly came from a giant explosion billions of years ago, and it's just an accident?

Or that someone made it?


Is there a God?

Just look all around you, and every wonderful, beautiful thing you see says -


Of course there is!

(BTW a stack of rocks like that one is called a cairn. In many parts of the world, people set them up to mark the way through the wild places. I think the cool thing about a cairns is, when you see one you know someone like you has been there too. It kind of makes you feel good somehow, like you're not alone. So everything in the world is like God is saying, "I am here too!")

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