Salvation 101

Chapter 2

(Illustration: How Do I Know Who God Is? God gives us the Bible)

God wants you to know!

If God went through all the trouble of making such a completely marvelous world, don't you think He'd want us to know who He is?

Of course He does!

And that's why He gave us the Bible. The Bible is like a letter from God, telling us who He is and what He is up to.

No, Bibles didn’t rain down from heaven one day. But God chose different people at different times to write down His message to us. The Bible is really a love letter to us. A very LONG love letter!

In the Bible God tells us who He is, who we are, why we are here - and where we are going.

The Bible is how we really know what's going on here!

Without the Bible, we are only guessing.

(But how do we know the Bible is really God's word? How do we know the Bible is true? There is one very good way - but we’ll get to that.)

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