Salvation 101

Chapter 6

The Answer!

(Illustration: Jesus!)

Do you know how much God LOVES you?!

Jesus paid the price for you!

The whole reason God made the world in the first place is because He loves us. Every day is a gift from God! But God knew that we would turn our backs on Him and go our own way.

God knew all the terrible things our sin would bring into the world.

But God still loves us! God wants us to live with Him forever.

So even before God put the first star in the sky, He knew the price He was going to have to pay to save us. God knew it was going to cost Him His own Son.

So when the time was right, God sent His Son to die on a cross. God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sin. God sent Jesus to die in our place.

The day that Jesus died on the cross, the sentence for your sin was satisfied.

Because Jesus died for you, you can go free! Your life has been spared! Your sin has been rightly washed away, justice has been done, and now God can rightly reconnect you to the source of Life!

Jesus gave His life for you.

Jesus paid the price for you!

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