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Let me explain.

This all started back in 1995... or was it 1996? ...whatever, it's been here a LONG time!

And over those years, this odd excuse for a website has become like one of those old, rambling New England inns. There are now all manner of cobbled on rooms and odd wings for you to wander through.

So if you are feeling adventurous, I offer you this handy guide. Click on the Title of each section described below to take you there, or click on the word "contents" to skip whatever silliness that might come before.

If you do ever get lost (and I am sure you will!), just find the dog in the red sports car and click on him.

Have fun!

And may God bless your day in some surprising and wonderful way!

Original Home PageThis all began when I got my first Macintosh and discovered the wonders of the world wide web (before that, I was connected at 2400 baud, text only on a black & white monitor, on an old 086 PC. It didn't even have a hard drive. You had to boot it from a floppy!!!). My original Home Page is a slightly different version of the page your looking at now. It has some interesting little bits.

Wonderful ThingsBack in 1992, my wife and I lost our minds and adopted 5 kids - all at once... let's see, did we lose our minds BEFORE or AFTER? Well, it was a crazy thing to do, but God has been so good! You'll find some stories and other assorted things about that here. Contents

My Adventures with CancerThen in 1999, I lost all my hair. This was mostly due to the fact that I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (what the heck is that?!) in February of that year. I had a bone marrow transplant that summer. I have begun to recount that little adventure here (there are still a lot of stories to be told).

Bible Stuff for KidsPsalms and Bible stories for kids. This is an on-going project! I try to have a new chapter each week... usually by noon on Saturday.

Half Baked StoriesOkay, I am not exactly sure WHAT this section is about! It's a bunch of stories about our family life here in this little Midwestern town; a new puppy - or should I say, Tazmanian Devil - for Christmas, buying a big TV, the faucet from hell (which I haven't actually written yet - but I will!). Stuff like that. Contents

Poetry CornerSome really bad poetry. So far, no one seems to have dared to visit this section. Be the first!

Finding JoyIf you've been here before, I scrapped the whole section that was here and started over. My hope is that it will be a place to come and refresh your spirit. That's the idea anyway.

A brief note to all you designer and artist types...
A lot of the fonts I use (the really good ones!) come from a designer named Ethan Dunham of Fonthead Design. He is a great guy, and his fonts are absolutely wonderful - and for cheap! If you really want to have some fun, check them out at www.fonthead.com

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You can almost always click on Spud here, and he'll take you to Navigation Central. You 'll find a link there to my "What's New? Nuttin' Much" page, where I list each new addition to these pages. It's a good page to bookmark if you are interested in coming back.

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