(Some time in 1996)

Just a Few Quick Notes

But first, a note to the notes

You know...

...you do this stuff, and when you upload it (to wherever it is it goes!) it seems all shiny and fresh and sparkly and new. But then, all of a sudden it is ancient history - like what follows here!

So here it is now, a steamy day in July 2012, and my old, 1996 Mac Performa has become a wonderfully beautiful 24 inch iMac. I moved my studio up from the basement to our dining room years ago (bats circling my head in the middle of the night just got too creepy!). Now, instead of screaming kids running around, getting into all kinds of mischief, we have screaming grandkids running around, getting into all kinds of mischief (right now two of them, Juli, a 4 year-old, and Maliya, a 6 year-old, are making "cards" with glue sticks and scissors. Scary.)

How quickly the years fly by!

I wonder what I will be using 16 years from NOW that will make my iMac seem as old and dusty as the Performa I thought was so amazing at the time??!!!

Anyway... a little Ancient History, from back in the days when the internet was something wild and strange and new!

And now.... the original Notes page

(Just a Note, or two)

This all looked pretty good on Netscape and my Mac...

I have no idea how it looks on anything else... Is it worth dumping whatever else you are running for a Mac and Netscape? Okay, not likely...

Well, it's after 2:00 in the morning and I have just been playing around with my newly installed version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I don't think I like the way it loads the pages. I don't want to see all those image place markers, I much prefer to see the page unfold, just as it is. It makes for a nicer experience... What do you think? (Besides, it does some funny things with some of my page layouts...)

Anyway, I have been setting up my pages to look best with my 15 inch monitor set at a resolution of 640 x 480, running in thousands of colors.

When I am running Netscape I use a seriffed font (like Garamond, Palatino or Bookman, I liked Palatino best) selected in the General Preferences menu under Options.

My computer is a Performa 6115CD with an extra 16 MB of RAM I bought back when it cost twice as much. Most of the artwork is drawn by hand, usually with a Prismacolor black pencil on bristol board. Then I make a grayscale scan at 300 dpi and color it in Photoshop. Then I run out and buy more RAM....

The writing is done at the computer here in my cluttered basement studio, next to the washer and drier, usually at 2:00 in the morning with bats circling over my head.

If it were me, I would save the longer texts, print them out, and later settle back into a Lazy Boy with a cup of good coffee and read them then... except that I don't have a Lazy Boy...

Mr. Speedy!

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