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At the Annual Meeting of the International Save The Pun Foundation held in Chicago on March 30, the nearly 100 hard-core punsters in attendance welcomed Mack as the newest Punster of the Year.

Mack, who resides in Madison, Virginia, is creator of the comic strip PUNTOONS. He gave a very interesting presentation on the birth and growing pains of PUNTOONS. This is the first time that the ISTPF dinner has featured a strip show. In his cartoon, characters Pun, Toon, Eunice and Grinny portray a series of puns on a common theme in each strip.

If your local paper doesn’t carry PUNTOONS, write them a letter and suggest that they start carrying it. In the meantime you can buy Mack’s book, PunToons - Tons of Puns. If your local bookstore doesn’t have it, contact Mack Rowe Visual Communications at PO BOX 89, Madison VA 22727-0089.

Congratulations, Mack.

In addition to crowning the P.O.T.Y and enjoying a fine dinner at Chicago’s famous Como Inn and being entertained by punster Greg Opelka and company, we also played a number of pun games at table. Darleen Brill baffled us with her toolbox full of puns on implements used in home remodeling. Gary Hallock sent a couple of Texas-type games. One involved the P.U.N.Y. riddle chain puns (see article elsewhere about P.U.N.Y.) and another was a pun loop, which is also from P.U.N.Y. It involves starting a list of puns on a broad subject. Each successive pun must involve the ending of the pun preceding it. The last pun in the loop must refer back to the beginning of the first pun in the list. It sounds a bit complicated, but everyone quickly caught on and had a great time. The winning table had nineteen puns in their loop, wow! The other tables had ten to twelve puns per loop, all in about ten minutes.

The PUNSTER was represented with a game called ZOO’s WHO. It is a fill-in-the-blanks game where the answers are puns created from names of animals. Here are some examples:

We put an unopened container in the microwave. The kangaroo and finally exploded.

A scientist tested his time machine on a large beast of burden. He called the experiment yak to the future.

My car had to be toad when it got stuck in the mud.

People with unconventional beliefs often congregate insects.

When you play the commodities market, it is often necessary to hedgehogs.

There was one pun for each letter except X.


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