The Toney Family Tree  

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July 2009
(Generations 1,2,3,4,5 etc. are numbered 1,3,5,7,9 etc. Additional spouses are 2,4,6,8 etc.)
Compiled by Gordon Speer, 3304 Woodlawn Road, Sterling, IL 61081

1,1 William TONEY (    -8/22/1815) m. Cynthia Henrietta HARDIN (1775-7/22/1830) 
    From Maury County, Tennessee, they settled in New Madrid, Missouri.  She was born in North
    Carolina, and her grave is in Marston, MO.  He died in Maury County, TN.
  3,11 Martin TONEY (9/1796-7/1/1862) m. Eliza A. .....(8/22/1796-1/13/1864) 
       Both were from North Carolina. They are and buried behind The Noranda Aluminum Company
       factory at Marston, Missouri.
       Child: a son born between 1820 and 1825 
  3,12 William "Hardin" TONEY (1799/1801-1857) 

  3,13 George "Washington" TONEY (    -before 1830) m. 5/3/1825 Eliza HARDIN (12/2/1809-7/13/1880)
       Thomasville, MO. 
    5,131 Martin Hardin TONEY (11/22/1827-     ) to California
    5,132 William Keyes TONEY (10/10/1829-11/14/1861-3) m. Rebecca Marjorie PETTIT (3/3/1833-9/5/1907)
          They Settled in Piedmont, Missouri.
      7,1321 John TONEY
      7,1322 George Washington TONEY(12/23/1854-5/15/1938) m.4/22/1883 Lizzie Leslie BARNETT Piedmont, MO
      7,1323 William Pettit TONEY (1/14/1856-10/3/1943) m. 9/1/1881 Sara Eliot (Etta) ASHBY Ironton, MO 
        9,13231 Lee Egbert TONEY (4/22/1882-5/16/1960) m. Jennie HOLMES West Plains, MO
        9,13232 Sara TONEY (10/9/1885-1/25/1972) m. 7/28/1903 James Alexander GRAY  Piedmont, MO 
        9,13233 William Asby TONEY (10/21/1889-2/15/1966) m. Jeanette BUNYARD Santa Fe, NM 
        9,13234 Elliot Ashby TONEY (1894-1904) Piedmont, MO 
        9,13235 Richard Thornton TONEY (7/23/1905-6/18/1993) m. Freda Louise WHITE
          (3/27/1907-8/29/1987) Piedmont, MO
          11,132351 Richard Lee TONEY (6/26/1927-     ) m. 8/7/1948 Alpha Joan McLANE
          11,132352 Donald Pettit TONEY (2/27/1933-     ) m. 1/21/1956 Norma Jean CHILTON Vernal, UT
          11,132353 Mary Alice TONEY (1/8/1937-     ) m. 12/25/58 Stanley Eugene MANN 
           12,m. 2nd 7/5/1961 Doyle Hugh MAYBURY  Greenville, MO 
          11,132354 Delores Ann TONEY (12/11/1939-       ) m. 6/30/1958 Willie Leander CHILES
           12,m. 2nd 2/7/1984 Paul Edd COBBLER  Festus, MO
          11,132355 Thomas Edward TONEY(11/21/1940- ) m.11/3/1967 Ramona Loraine LANDER Lockwood, MO
      7,1324 Sarah "Eliza" TONEY (4/5/1858-3/27/1932) Piedmont, MO
      7,1325 Lee R. TONEY

  3,14 Thomas Jefferson TONEY, South Carolina

  3,15 Mark Anthony TONEY (7/3/1803-1874) born in Greenville, SC, and died at Marston, MO
       m. Martha "Patsy" TAYLOR, Murray Co, TN, Hopkinsville, KY
    5,151 William H. TONEY (4/23/1825-     ) m. Pirmelia Ellen MEYERS (1828-    )
      7,1511 William M. TONEY (1849-     )
      7,1512 James Henry TONEY (1850-     ) no children  Marston, MO
      7,1513 Charles Pinckney TONEY (1852-     ) no children  Marston, MO
     6,m. 2nd Olive "Ollie" WISE (1836-     ) born in Alabama
      7,1514 Martha Elizabeth TONEY (1858-     ) m. ..... HALL Blytheville, Arkansas
      7,1515 Mary Jane TONEY never married
      7,1516 Hattie TONEY m. Frank HENSON 2 daughters
      7,1517 Merlin TONEY m Mink BELLON 3 boys, 1 girl
      7,1518 Carrie TONEY m. Ed MERCHANT son Louis

    5,152 Jefferson "Jeff" TONEY (1/15/1827-     ) never married

    5,153 Martin Pinckney TONEY (7/28/1828-     ) b. in Tennessee, m. Jane PIKEY Hickman Co, TN?
     6,m. 2nd Jane CROCKET (1837-     )
      7,1531 Pinkie TONEY
      7,1532 Orie TONEY (     -10/1867) m. William RILEY (12/20/1840-     ) New Madrid, MO
             Children- Lydia/ Amos/ Nannie/ Charles/ Mabel/ William/ Clilion/ John
      7,1533 Mark A. TONEY (12/1859-     ) died young

    5,154 Ann TONEY m. James GILL

    5,155 Cinthia TONEY (1/1832-     ) b. KY m. William RACHEL 4 sons who moved to TX

    5,156 Joseph Henry TONEY (2/15/1836-     ) b. MO m. Jeanette TERAH (?)
      7,1561 Hardin TONEY unmarried
      7,1562 Summers TONEY m. Emily KLEIN
        9,15621 Corinne TONEY New Madrid, Missouri

    5,157 Washington Hopkins TONEY(12/28/1838-3/1920) m.2/28/1858 Jennett (Jane) DeLaBACK(1835-1870)
          A Marston, Missouri woodsman who, with his three wives, had twenty children. 
      7,1571 Mary Frances TONEY (3/28/1860-1882) m. 7/25/1875 Horace Nichols BARNES
             (11/29/1849-8/29/1825). He was a Monmouth, IL tinker who worked in his brother-in-law's
             hardware store in Monmouth. His grave is in the Monmouth Cemetery, hers is unknown.
        9,15711 Frederick Toney BARNES (2/24/1877-9/19/1877) died young
        9,15712 Mayre Josephine BARNES (6/20/1878-4/30/1958) m. 10/19/1898 Charles WHITEMAN
                A Biggsville, Illinois farmer whose farm was still in the family in 2004.
          11,157121 Mildred Elizabeth "Beth" WHITEMAN m. Robert GLENN Biggsville, Illinois farmer
            13,1571211 Mayre Eleanor GLENN m. Donald McCLANAHAN Carlsbad, New Mexico  agronomist
            13,1571212 Mildred Agnes GLENN m. F. Dale ANDERSON Stronghurst, Illinois farmer
            13,1571213 Elizabeth Lucille "Liz" GLENN m. Gordon SPEER Sterling, IL science teacher
          11,157122 Charles Roland "Dale" WHITEMAN m. Mildred Sarah HAMILTON Sears Roebuck store manager
            13,1571221 Sarah "Sally" WHITEMAN m. John BRANDT professors at the University of Kansas
            13,1571222 Charles "Chuck" WHITEMAN m. Claire  ... Professor of economics, U of Iowa
          11,157123 Milton Barnes "Uncle Barney" WHITEMAN m. Cheryl TERPENING  San Antonio, TX teachers
        9,15713 Mildred Frances BARNES m. Lloyd BEALL Media, IL farmer
        9,15714 Maude Clark BARNES died at 14
      7,1572 Emma Jeanette TONEY (10/12/1864-     ) m. .....StAUBYN Marston, MO
      7,1573 a son who died young
      7,1574 a son who died young
      7,1575 a son who died young
     6,m. 2nd in 1869 Emma HOLLAND
      7,1576 Ellen L. "Ella" TONEY (9/30/1872-     ) m. Henry ROCHELLE
      7,1577 Robert Edward TONEY (2/14/1875-     ) m. Elizabeth..... Fort Worth, TX
      7,1578 a daughter who died young
     6,m. 3rd in 1877 Bettie Elizabeth HOLLAND (Emma's sister)
      7,1579 a son who died young
      7,157A a son who died young
      7,157B a son who died young
      7,157C a daughter who died young
      7,157D Lula TONEY m. John Will GRAY Marston MO
             Children- William/ Lula May/ Camille/ Lovell/ Irene/ Champ/ Virginia
      7,157E Coatney TONEY m. Charles TAYLOR Lilbourn, MO
             Children- Geneva/ Louise/ Charles
      7,157F Charity TONEY m. Lee McCLANAHAN Nashville, TN
             Children- William/ Toney/ Mary/ John
      7,157G Henry Pinckney "Pink" TONEY m. 9/14/1918 Grace BRANDON DAUGHERTY   Moorehouse, MO
        9,157G1 Catherine TONEY (1920-     ) m. Hughes SMITH
         10, m. 2nd Elvis PATTERSON
         10, m. 3rd Hughes SMITH  Brentwood, MO
        9,157G2 Henry Pinckney "H.P." TONEY Jr. (10/28/1927-4/4/2005) m. Jan 1950 Patricia DAVIS
                (10/4/1927-4/4/2004) St Louis, MO sheet metal
          11,157G11 Michael Tracy TONEY (9/14/1950-       ) m. Deborah Joyce CRENSHAW  Webster Groves, MO
          11,157G12 Marilyn Rene TONEY  (1/26/1956-       ) m. David HERAD
           12, m. 2nd John BOZE
      7,157H William Monroe TONEY(2/24/1897-10/4/1968) m.4/17/1916 Virgie Parlee SANDERS (6/20/1900- )
        9,157H1 Truma TONEY (4/3/1917-     ) m. Thomas THOMPSON
        9,157H2 Wilma TONEY (10/5/1918-9//1988) m. Russell WILLHITE
          11,157H21 Billy G. WILLHITE (1940-1946)
          11,157H22 Linda L. WILLHITE m. John H. MARSCHKE
          11,157H23 Russell R "Bo" WILLHITE m. Janet SANDERS
          11,157H24 Marina D. WILLHITE m. Marion E. EVRARD
          11,157H25 Marilyn Kay WILLHITE m. Joseph ROLLINS
        9,157H3 Billy Lee TONEY m. Betty ROGERS
          11,157H31 Roger TONEY
          11,157H32 Danny TONEY
          11,157H33 Billy Lee TONEY, Jr.
        9,157H4 Bobby Joe TONEY m. Delores BLANKENSHIP
          11,157H41 Diane TONEY
          11,157H42 Deborah Jene TONEY
        9,157H5 Bonnie Lou TONEY m. Billy Joe RUSSELL
        9,157H6 Annette TONEY
      7,157I Margaret "Maggie" TONEY (twin) m. Christopher HARRIS
      7,157J Elizabeth "Lizzie" TONEY (twin) m. Syrrel L. CLOUD
      7,157K Charles Howard TONEY (1/9/1901-8/1968) m. 1928 Beatrice McDANIEL
             (3/27/1910-2/13/1971) Marston/Charleston, MO
        9,157K1 Billy Ray TONEY (1929-     ) m. Elizabeth GREER
          11,157K11 Roger TONEY
          11,157K12 Daniel TONEY
          11,157K13 William Richard TONEY
        9,157K2 Charles Woodrow TONEY(2/9/1932-11/15/1995) m.8/5/1960 Lois Lucy Faye TURNAGE(2/23/1941-)
          11,157K21 Deborah Shawnee TONEY (7/9/1961-     ) 
                    Children- Christopher Samuel/ Kara Beatrice
          11,157K22 Tandi Jan TONEY (1/27/1964-     ) m. 5/25/1985 Billy Don STANDRIDGE (4/14/1961-  )
                    Children- Shawna Jan/ Cara Danielle/ Billy Don Jr./ Crystal Dawn
          11,157K23 Toni Lei TONEY (10/16/1969-     ) m. 11/16/1986 Donnie ASHMORE (9/29/1963-     )
           12,      m. 2nd Andre JONES
        9,157K3 Betty Ann TONEY (6/26/1941-     ) m. 12/10/1961 William D. WELSHANS (6/23/1939-     )
                Children- Cecelia Lynn/ Lisa Gay
          11,157K24 Billy Lee TONEY (twin)
          11,157K25 Bobby Ray TONEY (twin)
          11,157K26 Paula Gay TONEY (4/13/1944-     ) m. Oscar Raymond GARRETT (1939-     )
                    Children- Oscar/Sarah/Baby/Elizabeth/Patricia/Charles/Mary/Jim/Billy/Bobby/Cary
          11,157K27 David Wayne TONEY (11/16/1945-     ) m. Connie Irene NOLAN (5/24/1949-     )
             13,157K271 Jason David TONEY (8/18/1976-     )
             13,157K272 Jared Charles TONEY (8/25/1979-     )
             13,157K273 Erin Elizabeth TONEY (12/27/1984-     )
          11,157K28 Howard Gene TONEY (4/24/1949-     )
      7,157L Carrie TONEY
      7,157M Daniel TONEY
      7,157N Reader TONEY
      7,157O Lee TONEY
    5,158 Mark P. TONEY (1840-     ) m. Emma ALFRED

    5,159 John E. TONEY (twin)(1845-     ) never married

    5,15A Eliza TONEY   (twin)(1845-     ) m. 11/7/1872 J. W. MILLS  Dunklin Co, MO

   4,(Mark Anthony Toney) m. 2nd Martha ..... (1804-     )

  3,16 Charles Cotesworth Pinckney TONEY (4/2/1806-4/1/1854) m. Ona ..... (1806-     )
       from SC and VA to Marston, MO
    5,161 a daughter (1825/1830-      )

    5,162 Jesse D. TONEY (1832-     )

    5,163 John M. TONEY (1836-     )

    5,164 Elizabeth TONEY (1837-     )

    5,165 Sarah TONEY (1840-     )

    5,166 William TONEY (1842-     )

    5,167 Orra TONEY (1845-     )
  3,17 Henry TONEY b.NC/SC (1809?-4/3/1882) m. 9/9/1831 Marinda H. DORTCH (1811-       )
       Originally from Maury County, Tennessee.  He was a Springfield, Missouri navigator.
    5,171 Caroline M. TONEY (1839-3/1/1904) m. 3/11/1958 Jesse SADLER (1808/9-8/8/1885) 
          She was born in Missouri. Jesse was a Springfield, MO photographer and brother to Jane.
      7,1711 Willie SADLER died aged 16, Maple Park Cemetery - Springfield MO
      7,1712 Edwin SADLER 436 W Phelps Springfield MO
      7,1713 Sally "Toney" SADLER (1/23/1877-9/3/1964) m. 1895/1897 Charles Edwin BISSELL
             (11/26/1871-3/13/1960) DeWitt, Iowa
        9,17131 Everett Sadler BISSELL (3/28/1901-3/1972) m. 5/24/1924 Jewell Evangeline MYERS
                (6/23/1901-8/3/1948) Weir, Kansas
          11,171311 John Benjamin BISSELL(8/26/1931- ) m.9/1/1956 Martha Jane RUSSELL(6/17/1935- )
                    aerospace engineer
            13,1713111 Jeffrey Martin BISSELL (4/14/1958-7/7/1990) Elmhurst IL Los Angeles, CA
            13,1713112 Carlean Margaret BISSELL (5/6/1960-     )  Sedgwick, KS
                       green beret and helicopter pilot 
            13,1713113 Sarah Kay BISSELL (3/22-1963-  ) m. 5/27/1995 Rev. Joseph Brad McConnell
                       DROWNINGBEAR (7/5/1954-        )
          11,171312 Glen Daniel "Dan" BISSELL (9/21/1935-     )
         10,m. 2nd 4/1949 Evellyn "Bunny" SEMO San Francisco, California
    5,172 Cynthie M. TONEY born about 1847 in Tennessee

    5,173 Mary M. TONEY (1850-     ) born in Tennessee

   4,m. 2nd 4/8/1851 Jane E. SADLER (     -3/14/1875) 	From Davidson County, Tennessee to
                     Springfield, Missouri.  She was probably related to his son-in-law.
   4,m. 3rd Julany ..... (about 1824-       )
  3,18 Susan TONEY, m. James HOUSTON

  3,19 Elizabeth TONEY m. ..... WHITSON