Timothy's Custom Scripting Service

"JavaScript: versatile, fast, and requires NO cgi... a definite plus for the web page of today."

Want to add some functionallity or pizaz to that tired old page, but have run into one of the following problems:
  • no time/desire to learn JavaScript
  • incompatability issues between browers
  • can't quite get that script to work right
  • found a neat script, but have no idea how it works
Don't give up on the notion... let Timothy's Custom Scripting Service create the script for you. At the very competitive rate of $30(US dollars)/hr, I will write the scripts AND adapt it to your existing page.

Just a few JavaScript enhancement possibilitys:
  • animated menus
  • browser detection and appropriate redirection
  • date & time display
  • drop-down menus
  • form submission via email (Guestbook - Order Forms - Link Submissions)
  • form validations
  • info storage with cookies (Personal Welcome - Last Visit Date - Browser Counts)
  • last page modification date
  • random scripts (Images - Links - Quotes)
  • remote control menus
For examples of these and more, click on the JavaScript icon in the Menu Bar below.

Email inquiries to: Timothy's Custom Scripting Service