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Dynamic Confirmation V

Validates name and e-mail entered.
Displays form input on a confirmation/submission page.
Sends form input (via e-mail) to address entered for testing.
Retains form input when you return to this form.
Automatically positions to top of form (versus top of page) on return to form.
Sets cookies to retain name and e-mail address for future sessions.
Provides for deletion of cookies if so desired.

This example has been tested successfully with Netscape 2.0x and Netscape 3.0 running on Windows '95.
I don't believe that MSIE supports mailto: in a form tag which is a basic part of this scheme. If you know a form can be e-mailed with IE, please pass some info or a URL on to me.

This example transfers input from one form to hidden elements of another form for storage. The 'stored' info is then transfered to a dynamically written submission page for display and for the actual submission. Additionally, if you have your browser set to accept cookies, 2 will be set to retain your name and e-mail address for future sessions.

*** Test results will be e-mailed to address provided! ***