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This page represents an effort to learn something about that beast known as JavaScript. What I've done is combine my own creations with a collection of examples that I've run across on the net. To the best of my knowledge, all of the code presented here is freely available for studying by the aspiring HTML author. If you see your work here and don't want it listed, e-mail me at timothy@essex1.com and it will be promptly removed. Where possible I've included a pointer to the home page of the original author.

Use the index at the left to check out the various examples. If you find one of interest, click on the View Source button and see how it's done. If you're looking for documentation or more examples, visit the Resources section. Here you'll find pointers to some of the leading authorities on JavaScript.

Hopefully this page will prove helpful for anyone wanting to learn about JavaScript. (I know that putting it together has taught me a few things!) If you get a chance, drop me a note and let me know what you think.

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Some of this code is not mine, but a collection of other's work. I've altered some of the original code as follows: changed colors, backgrounds, text, and text sizing; removed some of the descriptions and explanations; in at least one instance I expanded the original code; in at least one instance I fixed what appeared to be a bug; in all cases I added the View Source capability. Where possible I've included a pointer to the original author's home page. However, in a few cases I've lost the address of the author and listed such as unknown. If you recognize someone's work, please e-mail me the address. To the best of my knowledge, all listed code is 'freely' available to all. JavaScript tends to stress-test Netscape at times. Expect occassional crashes!

Since July 3, 1997

Timothy's JavaScript Introduction Page
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