A visitor asked me to re-work my Random Image/Link Loader (Random Img 2) example so the image/link would reload sequentially instead of randomly. Well folks, this is what I came up with. Just click on the different images to check it out.

TIP: You can stop the image from loading by clicking on Stop Loading in the title frame. You can then use the Reload button to start it loading again.

To accomplish this, I define a global variable in the frameset which is incremented each time js-seq1r.htm is refreshed or reloaded. The variable is then run through a series of IF statements that provide the corresponding image and URL. This info is in turn used by a single document .write to create the page. The cycling is accomplished by a refresh in a Meta tag. If interested, click on View Source below and check out the file js-seq1r.htm.

Sequential Image/Link Loader
by Tim Wallace